Cape Cod Roof Cleaner

Cape Cod Roof Cleaner

We are Cape Cod Roof Cleaning Experts

Cape Cod Roof Cleaner provides exterior cleaning and related home services. We perform roof cleaning, deck cleaning, home washing, and a host of other pressure washing and maintenance services. Service from a Wash Safe contractor far exceeds local standards. Be confident that your project will not only be a success for your home, its occupants and environmental surroundings. We clean exclusively with our custom formulations that cause no chemical damage. Wash Safe is completely environmentally friendly! We offer a complete “wood roof restoration” package. After we clean your roof, we can also seal your roof with our “environmentally responsible” sealers. Read more about our services or contact us today…

About Us

We do not use harsh chemicals like bleach to clean your house or your roof. We use our special formulation that cleans much more effectively than bleach. It is completely safe for your family and your property. Don’t bother the neighbors with bleach, use Wash Safe products.

We specialize in roof cleaning, deck cleaning, and general exterior home cleaning. We are experts in removing organic debris from your home. The “black” stains on your roof are our bread and butter. Any stains caused by mold and mildew, we can remove, safely.

The Safe Alternative

Wash Safe Industries provides service to residential and commercial properties. We are Cape Cod roof cleaners and we really believe in building a better Cape for everyone on it. Part time resident or year round resident, we know that you care too.Exterior cleaning greatly improves a property’s appearance. Cleaning maintains the building’s coatings. We can help prevent early replacement, costly repairs. Our sealers and cleaners reduce the adverse effects of mold and various fungi.

Customer Service

One thing we hate is hiring a contractor and finding that they’ve failed to clean up after themselves. We pride ourselves on never being “that” company. We are professional, responsible, and courteous. Cape Cod Roof Cleaner leaves the job site exactly as we found it (except much, much cleaner).

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